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Big data made easy for BI analysts & Data scientists

BI teams used to process data with legacy drag & drop ETL tools. Those tools are no longer viable option in the presence of Big Data. Big Data processing platform should handle the following issues:

  • Volume- efficient processing of many Terabytes or Petabytes of data.
  • Velocity Integrating streaming data sources such as Apache Kafka® or Rabbit MQ® with other data sources or calculating real-time enterprise analytics.
  • Variety- handling plethora of data types: structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Semi structured data may include NoSQL data sources (MongoDB, Cassandra, Elastic etc.). Unstructured data could include sources such as text, audio, video, e-mail or social. Hadoop ecosystem (Parquet, Avro, Hive etc.) carries all those data types. The variety mentioned requires new interfaces, operators & algorithms.
  • Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)- are needed to extract meaningful insights from a huge pile of raw events.

Apache SparkTM is the best solution and market choice for Big Data ETL processing. However Apache SparkTM is an R&D framework, defining Spark based analytics processing pipelines usually requires long R&D cycles with additional teams of architect level coders. BigBI enables data professional (BI analyst or Data Scientist) to unleash the full Big data processing power of Apache SparkTM . No coding is needed.

Despite the traditional drag & drop ETL GUI, the processing layer is quite different. BigBI studio generates Spark Scala code to leverage the full power of your Spark cluster.


 Fast Meaningful Results From Your Big Data (Data Lake)

Integrate Big Data into your enterprise. Deduce valuable insights from Big Data in a very short time.

 KPIs Deployed within Days

Stop losing precious months and deploy your KPI creation in day/s with BigBI Studio

 Enterprise-Grade Solution For Big Data Processing

Manage and Monitor enterprise data life-cycle, Data governance & Data Lineage and Security & Audit

BigBI Studio is natively built on Spark enabling data professionals full access and control of their data
& data pipelines

  • Visual data discovery
  • Sample processing
  • Easy Drag & Drop data pipeline creation
  • Step by step visual data pipeline debug
  • Smart running management – Spark execution monitoring, Spark execution progress, error handling & reportin
  • Deployment management & orchestration
  • All built for data professional efficiency & accuracy.


Interactive running & monitoring


Spark analytics use case examples

Big Data analytics is not just about huge volumes. Variety of data sources (structured, semi-structured & unstructured), Velocity & streaming, and the need for easy AI & ML implementation for cleansing or insights.