The Risk
Insiders help you get the job done.
- Employees
- Privileged Users
- Partners
- Vendors
- Contractors

But they can also introduce massive risk, with access to critical:


Detect, investigate, and prevent insider threats with ObserveIT

ObserveIT helps large enterprises identify and eliminate insider threats.

Detect Insider Threats

ObserveIT provides organizations with “eyes on the endpoint” to continuously monitor data for signs of misuse. ObserveIT reviews all actions taken by users on an organization’s systems to protect data and reduce risk. Organizations can also anonymize captured data to protect privacy.

Investigate with Full Context

When an incident occurs, security teams need visibility and context to understand what happened. ObserveIT simplifies and streamlines investigations by offering granular details of user activity. By capturing and indexing user behavior, ObserveIT gives IT and security teams irrefutable evidence to streamline investigations.

Prevent Incidents

Prevent insider threats by getting proactive, letting your users know when their behavior veers out of policy, blocking suspicious activities, and educating users on security and compliance best practices so that they do not accidentally expose you to risk.

Why Security Teams Choose ObserveIT


Lightweight Architecture

No appliance or hardware installation. Ultra-efficient, low footprint agents.


Rapid Deployment

Standard deployment takes hours or days – not weeks or months.


Immediate Value

Gain instant, out-of-the-box insight into user behavior and stop data loss


Bridge Compliance Gaps

Compliance mandates are non-negotiable for many businesses. With the ability to instantly search and analyze robust metadata and view video-like playback of pinpointed sessions, ObserveIT helps organizations meet stringent regulatory requirements like:

EU GDPR              FERPA
FFIEC                     FISMA              
PCI DSS                FERPA
SOX                        NISPOM
HIPAA                    and more.

With granular visibility, violations can be traced back to specific actions of the user and audit reports can be completed in a fraction of the time.