SHE is a software solution developed to increase the efficiency of companies in terms of safety, health and environmental management. The software supports ISO standard 14001, OHSAS/ TIS 18001 and also works as a tool to increase the efficiency of Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting.

With a user friendly interface, SHE mainly focuses on a user-friendly way to participate in safety, health and environmental management via 'Electronic Workflow' and 'e-Mail'. In addition, SHE is highly flexible and it can easily link information together.



  • Increase the efficiency in terms of safety, health and environmental management
  • Online and Real time data
  • Increase the efficiency of communication in organization, Risk Management and respond promptly
  • Online tracking document status
  • Quick search laws
  • Reduce cost, document storage and paper usage
  • Increase user's motivation
  • Reduce risk in organization which is inconsistent with laws

 Risk Identification

Define activity/ area/ procedure that could make risk occur in organization. Also tracking the status of activity/ area/ procedure has done risk assessment or not

 Risk Assessment

Define criteria and scope of risk based on ISO standard. Also define risk priority to take action

 Risk Management

Assign and track result of action plan promptly

 Risk Evaluation

Re-evaluate after taking action plan and compare the before & after result for decision making

 Risk Monitoring

Monitor risk in organization via drill down report summary and report by each category

 Law Consistency

Define related law/ rule and evaluate the consistency in organization

 Work Flow Plug-in

Quick & easy with flexible electronics work flow. Edit work flow anytime


Roles & Right authorization. Able to connect with Active Directory for Single Sign-On

 Incident Management

Report for unusual incident or undesired incident that already occurred/ will occur/ almost occur or tend to occur