MST Professional Services



Comprehensive technical services and support

Magic Software Thailand offers comprehensive technical services and support to our customers and partners. Our support centers are staffed by highly skilled and responsive technical experts whose aim is to provide fast response and quick resolution. We provide customers with a variety of support programs with priority response and electronic support to meet their individual needs including 24x7x365 service.

To succeed in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of eBusiness, our customers - including Magic Solutions Partners, software consultants, systems integrators, and corporate clients - demand expert support.

Magic Software Thailand provides professional services to customers and partners to help them maximize their investments. These services include project management, technical support, installation services, application development, integration, consulting, and MST training for all our products.

MST Professional Services have been designed to assist and support you from the time you decide to use our products and services. We can guide you through every stage of your project life cycle. We can manage 100% of your project - or work alongside your own in-house professionals in a consulting or training capacity. Our level of participation depends on your business needs and the level of help you desire.

MST Professional Services can help you with:

  • Requirements Specifications
  • Application Integration
  • System Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • Training and Support.