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Modernize core applications—simply, easily & risk-free


With webMethods ApplinX, you can transform and modernize your essential core systems from old-fashioned, inflexible screen-based programs into modern Web interfaces and high-value business services rapidly without touching existing code.

webMethods ApplinX's low-risk, non-invasive approach makes it easier to maximize your IT investments in core systems on the Web and in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)—easily, efficiently and cost effectively.

ApplinX utilizes standard program components that are designed to function in your new environment (e.g., Web services, .NET®, Java® and XML). This re-use of existing systems results in high-performance modules that can be integrated into existing applications, such as Business Process Management (BPM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or used to develop new composite applications.

webMethods ApplinX

Key Benefits

  • Quickly convert green screens into modern Web interfaces
  • Easily encapsulate user sessions or screens into ready-to-use .NET, Java or Web services
  • Reduce project costs and minimize risks—no changes to existing code are required!
  • Improve productivity and the end-user experience
  • Develop faster


EclipseTM-based designer
You can achieve substantial results in just days by using a standard EclipseTM framework and more than 40 time-saving wizards.
AJAX support
AJAX features, such as partial page rendering and screen synchronization, are supported to help reduce network traffic and costs.
Recorded user sessions
webMethods ApplinX automatically uncovers and displays the screen navigation in an application map. With these maps, you can view the flow of the dialog windows in an easy-to-understand graphic.
Accelerate delivery of high-performing solutions, thanks to simple algorithms for structure recognition, automatic creation of Web services and front-end components.
Non-invasive access
With non-invasive access to existing functions and code, you never need to modify or even understand the actual legacy application code because no changes are required to program code!
EntireX Adapter
Register your ApplinX Procedure Group as a service with webMethods Integration Server via this adapter and easily configure Web service communications with no additional SOAP protocol overhead.
Application maps
View complex application logic easily in a graphical way—making it easy to detect application paths to speed up your modernization effort.
Automated object definition
Business users with little ApplinX knowledge can perform typical development work with automated object definitions that reduce manual work for screen identification and determination of map steps.
Host map importing
Improve developer productivity by importing maps to quickly create screens. Distinguish between static text and output fields more easily.
Dynamic field mapping
Identify fields by their position on the screen and with leading label names. When a
field position changes on a host application screen, webMethods ApplinX detects the field independently of the new position to increase your application reliability.
Life-cycle support
Speed up the application deployment process with automated migration of webMethods ApplinX applications from development to test and production environments.
webMethods ApplinX operates on any J2EE® application server. It supports Natural UNIX® and reads Natural maps.


Applinx Contact


Name: Walaiporn Chuepet
Position: Sales Supervisor
tel: +66 (0) 2911-9988
fax: +66 (0) 2911-9948
mobile: +66 (0) 84-077-3772

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