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Enterprise fraud detection & prevention


Intellinx is an innovative software product providing an anti-fraud and compliance platform. It presents a unique combination of data capture through network sniffing, advanced analytics and enterprise alert & case management.

Intellinx tracks internal and external end-user activity in corporate applications in heterogeneous platforms including legacy and modern systems. Intellinx introduces a new dimension in auditing and fraud detection – the ability to record the interaction of all end-users with all the central applications, zoom-in on specific suspicious user activity and replay his/her activity. Intellinx business rule engine tracks end-user behavior patterns triggering alerts on suspicious events in real-time.

  • Recording of all screens displayed, end-user keystrokes and messages between applications, providing a full audit trail of user activity without interfering with the corporate software or hardware.
  • Replay of screens accessed and actions performed by each end-user as if looking over his/her shoulder.
  • Search for end-user sessions in a specific timeframe according to screen content – screen headers, field names and values within screens.
  • Pattern recognition algorithms automatically identify application screens, fields, flows and messages.
  • Graphic Visualizer for mapping application entities (screens, fields and flows) into meaningful business indicators and business entities.
  • Customizable business rules track end-user behavior patterns across multiple channels in real-time and identify exceptions, triggering instant alerts.
  • Recorded data may be archived, and new rules can be applied on old recordings after-the-fact.
  • A business rules repository stores application entities, business indicators and business events metadata.
  • Alert and case management function allows fraud, security and AML investigation teams to effectively manage the organizational process of internal investigations from alerts and cases prioritization and review to workload balancing and SAR filing.
  • Compliance with regulations such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II.
  • The product can also be used for real-time opportunity spotting and generation of additional business. For example, bank customer deposits exceeding a certain threshold may trigger investment offers.

Monitored Systems

The Intellinx architecture is highly and scalable, providing a cost effective solution to organizations ranging from 500 to 100,000+ employees.

Intellinx tracks user activity in any application that utilizes any of the following protocols:

  • IBM Mainframe screen protocol – 3270 on SNA, TCP/IP (TN3270) and Enterprise Extender
  • IBM iSeries screen protocol – 5250 on SNA, TCP/IP (TN5250), and MPTN
  • Client/Server messages – TCP/IP, MQ Series, MSMQ, IBM mainframe SNA LU0 and LU6.2, SMB
  • VT100 and other VT flavors
  • SSH
  • Oracle Forms
  • SWIFT, FIX, ISO8583 and other application protocols
  • Text and binary files, log files, database tables, XML and CSV files
Legacy Systems Monitoring

Organizations relying legacy systems face a significant challenge of protecting applications that were developed more than a decade ago and were not designed with the necessary control mechanisms for today's open environment and privacy regulations. These regulations (PCI, GLBA, HIPAA and others) require organizations to maintain an audit trail of user access to customer sensitive data including update transactions and queries.

Typically, there is no application access logging mechanism in legacy systems. Developing such a mechanism involves tremendous effort, since thousands of the organization's programs need to be changed. In some cases there are mechanisms in place that track changes in the corporate databases, yet this method is insufficient, since it tracks only "update" actions performed in the database, but does not cover "read" or access actions.

Intellinx enables tracking user activity and business processes across all major platforms including legacy systems. Since user activity is reconstructed from network transmissions, Intellinx monitors any type of user activity regardless of the host's operating system (OS/390, VSE, VM, OS/400, etc.) or TP monitor (CICS, IMS/DC, TSO, etc.). The database used by the applications is transparent as well (DB2, IMS, ADABAS, VSAM, etc.).

This wide coverage allows customers to monitor the activity of any type of end-user – business users as well as privileged users including database administrators, system administrators and application programmers.

Business Value

  • Reduce operational risk and fraud losses by detecting fraud and other malicious activity in real-time.
  • Deter potential fraudulent users just by knowing that all their actions are recorded and evaluated in real-time.
  • Upgrade the efficiency of internal audits by alerting on detection of suspicious behavior and providing internal auditors with full visibility to all actions of each and every suspicious end-user.
  • Enforce corporate security policies by detecting security breaches and exceptions.
  • Improve compliance with government regulations by creating a full audit trail for all end-user activity, including queries that typically do not leave traces in most systems.
  • Detect business opportunities in real-time, and enable immediate action.
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction by detecting process slowdown and bottlenecks in real time, triggering instant alerts on service level breaches.
  • Totally non-invasive risk-free implementation.



The Intellinx open and flexible platform supports a wide range of solutions for anti-fraud, user-monitoring, compliance and enterprise alert and case management – all based on the same technology. It allows you to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for your risk

This approach allows you to deploy the various solutions in a modular way, according to the threats your organizational faces, your priorities and budget.




Intellinx Contact


Name: Bunrak Saraggananda
Position: Chairman & CEO
tel: +66 (0) 2911-9988
fax: +66 (0) 2911-9948
mobile: +66 (0) 81-849-7393

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