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Control your ISO processes


Functions & Benefits

iso 3d

  • Archiving – Document control, document recording, and other modules reduce document retrieval time, storage space, and paper use in the office.
  • Quality Control Personnel – Employees benefit from extra space created by replacing the conventional filing system with the system's storage system.
  • Corrective Action Request (CAR) Module – Helps the relevant department to issue and follow up a CAR during the process and alerts the person-in-charge prior to CAR follow up.
  • Meeting Room – Management review module helps coordination by representatives from different departments by distributing appointments, memoranda, meeting request, and distribution to the participants via the networking system.
  • Board Room – The executives gain more time since all relevant information is forwarded to them via email. Moreover, they are able to themselves, reducing retrieval process queuing time.
  • Auditors – The internal audit module enables the user to create an annual auditing plan and automatically share it with the relevant parties. It also allows them to search for relevant documents during an audit.
  • Help Desk – Effective internal process management and control assists the company to promote customer service excellence.
  • Modules





    • Sets system defaults.
    • Sets document defaults and flow from beginning to end.
    • Grants different levels of system/document access and authority to different users.
    Internal Audit


    • Creates the auditing plan online.
    • Creates an audit list.
    • Retrieves relevant documents to support auditing.
    • Records audit results and keeps audit history.
    • CAR/PARs can be issued instantly by connecting the application with the CAR system.
    • Checks qualification and background of an auditor.


    Management Review


    • Forwards appointments, memoranda, meeting requests, and distribution to the executives via the networking system.
    4Document Control


    • Creates existing or new document with MS Office.
    • Covers all documents in the Quality System.
    • Automatic flow when the status changes (created, approved, announced, or cancelled).
    • Can identify document specifications (storage period and required document).


    • Monitors CAR status online.
    • Classifies CARs into groups for easy retrieval and recall.
    • CARs can be issued through several channels such as:
    6 Document Record


    • Always calls up the lasted form.
    • Paperless quality records.
    • Saves storage space.
    • Easy-access to document.


    • Records tool data checks the relevant history online.Controls persons authorized to create documents.


    • Records the background and responsibility of employees
    • Creates an annual training schedule.
    • Creates training programs for specific job positions.
    • Maintains training result records.
    • Maintains employees' training history.
    Customer Satisfaction


    • Self-created survey forms to;
    • Identify number of topics.
    • Identify choices.
    • Give score to the choices.
    • Calculates the result in real-time.
    • Distributes the result to all relevant parties immediately.
    • Reports can be accompanied with charts and graphs.
     Directly from the system


    • Internal audit
    • Quality record
    • Management meeting
    • Automatic notification to the relevant parties.
    • Reports can be accompanied with charts and graphs.

    Specification & Non-conformities
    • A new system is developed for risk assessment, environmental control, occupational health and safety, or other areas of interest.


    e-SMART ISO Contact


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    Position: Sales Supervisor
    tel: +66 (0) 2911-9988
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