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magicMagic xpa Application Platform

The Smarter Way to Build and Deploy Multi-Channel Business Apps


Magic xpa Application Platform provides a simple, code-free and cost-effective development and deployment environment that lets organizations and ISVs quickly create user-friendly, enterprise-grade, multi-channel mobile and desktop business app that employ the latest advanced functionalities and technologies.

Simple, Highly Productive and Cost-Effective

Magic xpa's metadata paradigm, visual studio environment, and robust application engine simplifies development and deployment of business applications, enabling enterprises to to get multiple apps to market quickly, easily and with minimal resources.

Multi-Channel (Mobile and Desktop) Platform-Independent

Magic xpa enables users to develop once and deploy their apps across the most popular operating systems and devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops) with high performance and capabilities to use platform-specific advanced features.

Powerful and versatile, Magic xpa supports a wide range of development architectures including native clients for all leading mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile), Web/HTML5, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), cloud-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS), and client/server.

Intuitive, Attractive User Experiences

Magic xpa includes numerous features to help users create attractive user-friendly apps that end users will want to use. Magic's native clients that enable intuitive navigation and use of embedded device capabilities (camera, GPS, gyroscope, etc.), support for advanced form animations and color options, native tab bars and navigation drawers, customized keyboards and an expanded set of native controls.

Offline Support

Your users need to continue to work even if their network connection doesn't. Magic xpa provides comprehensive offline capabilities for disconnected operation, including local database storage and flexible sync and caching - so your apps will work anytime, online or off.

Magic xpa ensures business continuity by enabling files to be stored locally and automatically uploaded, downloaded and synced seamlessly (in any direction) when reception returns. Application resources (data, files, images) can also be cached locally and updated automatically when connected, so employees can always access the key information they need to be most effective.

Full .NET Compatibility

Magic xpa's deployment engine is based on Microsoft .NET Framework, providing developers with access to a wide range of built-in, commercial and third-party .NET services, forms and controls. Use of .NET Windows Forms controls give apps a modern, friendly user experience that increases usability. While fully .NET compliant, Magic xpa continues to support native development on Solaris, AIX, Linux, and IBM i server platforms.

Continuously Evolving, Future-Proof Technology

Magic has been enhancing features and helping our customers Outperform the Future for over 30 years and will continue doing so. We provide our long-time customers with simple migration paths to RIA and mobile, and provide an integration platform based on the same technology stack. By migrating your applications to the latest version, our customers can take advantage of new business opportunities quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

A Full Solution

Magic customers benefit from Magic's rich 30-year experience in application development and integration.

You also benefit from our End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution and strong ecosystem including:

  • Extensive professional service expertise and partner network
  • Strong developer community including 3000+ ISVs
  • Global 24/7 customer support organization
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with mobility and enterprise software vendors including Samsung, SAP,, Oracle JDE, Microsoft, IBM, and more


Magic xpa Features
  • Multi-channel app development: Develop once and deploy across all popular operating systems and devices (e.g. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Desktop and Web)
  • Native mobile clients for multi-platform, multi-device deployment
  • Integrated studio with visual form editor for rapid prototyping and incremental development
  • Enterprise-grade performance, security and scalability
  • Enhanced User Experience features for creating attractive and intuitive interfaces
  • Full .NET compatibility
  • Automatic partitioning between server and client components
  • Compliance with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategies
  • Cloud-ready architecture
  • Flexible pricing models and deployment modes

Part of Magic's unified technology stack, enabling certified real-time integration with back-end systems

Magic xpa Business Benefits
  • Superior developer productivity: Pre-definition of every element in the application allows for constant reuse of the pre-defined elements, which leads to highly productive development cycles.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO): One skill set and technology for all operating systems (mobile and desktop); minimum deployment and maintenance efforts
  • Fast time-to-market: Automatically adapts applications to desired deployment mode (Mobile, Rich Internet Applications, Client/Server, HTML Web Applications)
  • High agility and responsiveness: Updates and changes are done once and automatically propagated to any deployment mode.
  • High application usability and adoption: Modern GUI creates attractive user experiences
  • Minimizes development risks
  • Future-proof technology: Increases future growth opportunities
  • Comprehensive support and ecosystem: Worldwide technical, customer, and Professional Services support; strategic alliances; broad partner network, strong developer community; access to Magic R&D
  • Backed by 30 years of application development and integration experience

Success Stories

FMRP Logo 0
"uniPaaS is more efficient, brings more money in, lets less money out, and eliminates, or at least drastically reduces bugs. It is difficult to quantify the value of a custom business system that automates and manages every process in the core of your business. The Custom Reinsurance System created by Magic is vital to our operations and has a value to FMRP of millions more than what we paid for it. We wouldn't even dream of going back to the way things were - no way."
Paprec Group Logo 0
Paprec Group
Paprec, France's Largest Recycling Company, Automates its Ordering and Invoicing Process using uniPaaS RIA (today branded Magic xpa Application Platform).
 M.A.G.  Integration Logo 0
M.A.G. Integration
Magic's proven application platform enables M.A.G. Integration to deliver software applications that are in great demand by the food processing industry.
 ING Logo Commercial Financee 0
ING Commercial Finance
Find out how ING Commercial Finance, a leading capital finance company, was able to quickly and cost-effectively develop a new factoring system that could run on their legacy AS/400 while maintaining full compatibility with Windows and browser-based capabilities.
 VIPARIS-Paris-Nord-Villepinte-Exhibition-Center 1
Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
Find out how Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center , a leading French exhibition center re-designed their e-commerce site and reduced development time by 30% using iBOLT (today branded Magic xpi Integration Platform) and eDeveloper (today branded Magic xpa Application Platform).
 Adecco Logo 3
Find out how Adecco, a market leader in the recruitment industry, were able to develop a multi-lingual solution that met the legal requirements, as well as the confidentiality requirements of their customers and was twice as fast as any other development tool on the market. And their Batch processing times were reduced to a fifth.


Mobile Deployment

Total Mobility Experience

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