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The perfect solution for packaged business applications


Actian PSQL is the perfect solution for packaged business applications. It is one of the most reliable, low maintenance, high-performance database management systems in the world. Actian PSQL v11 offers important new features: multi-core optimization, improved backup support with Actian Backup Agent and VSS, enhanced 64-bit support, updated license administration, IPv6 support and updated developer tools. Pick your version: PSQL Workgroup (1-5 users), PSQL Server (6-500) or PSQL Vx (for serious VM users, hypervisor-friendly and cloud ready.

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Key Benefits

  • Defragment PSQL files and improve application performance without taking PSQL applications offline
  • Live migration capability for all PSQL v12 editions means easy management of PSQL applications in VMware and HyperV
  • Easier globalization of PSQL applications
  • Simpler installs on 64- and 32-bit platforms
  • No ongoing Internet connection required for PSQL Vx makes it more suitable for secure environments
  • Backward compatibility with multiple previous versions. No application changes needed to upgrade

New Features

Optimized for Multi-core: PSQL v11 is a parallel implementation of PSQL that includes several enhancements for multi-core:

  • Improvements to low level synchronization mechanisms in the transactional interface
  • Multiple users can read the same cached file pages simultaneously and their operations can proceed on multiple cores
  • Multiple users accessing independent files can proceed on different cores
  • Non-user activity such as checkpoint and log management can use additional cores

Full 64-bit: PSQL v11 supports the Btrieve and ODBC interfaces on native 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems with 64-bit architecture

Backup Agent and VSS Support: PSQL v11 offers two choices for managing backups. A Backup Agent license is included with each PSQL v11 Server license and PSQL v11 Server for Windows includes support for Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

Simple License Administration: Per machine pricing. No counting CPUs or cores. And, the PSQL v11 License Administrator offers several new features including self-service repair, license alert messages and troubleshooting tips.


Actian PSQL Contact


Name: Jirawadee Sangawee
Position: Sales Department Manager
tel: +66 (0) 2911-9988
fax: +66 (0) 2911-9948
mobile: +66 (0) 86-703-9221

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