Server Access Log Management

Cyber Crime a Major Problem

It’s no secret that cyber crime is a major problem for all types of organizations. Bad actors are relentless in their attempts to steal and abuse trade secrets, business development plans, marketing strategies, client and employee data, and other sensitive information.

The result: firms are hurt and can even be destroyed by huge financial losses, damaged reputations, legal issues, even governmental penalties.

ALog Support Range

Released originally in September 2005, ALog ConVerter is an agentless (non-resident program) access log management tool. ALog ConVerter takes a server event log and looks for file access, domain logins, and other activity, providing all-in-one proprietary analysis and file compression for long-term storage.

ALog Series That Manages Recording of Important Data

Thanks to you, it has been used as a standard for data access management by many customers for tracking emergencies.

The V8 is also equipped with an AI function, which automates the sign of risk. Take log data as a future weapon for your business.

ALog ConVerter

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