Compliance without Complexity

Cyber Fraud and Risk Management

The solution for Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring, Know Your Customer, Sanctions Screening and Enterprise Case Management.

Staying compliant has never been harder. Most financial institutions and corporations are under pressure to remain compliant with fewer resources.But regulatory compliance is more than a check list, it is a foundation to build from. And unfortunately, it does not always prevent a finding by regulators or auditors.

As part of the Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite, Bottomline’s Compliance solution provides corporations and financial institutions with a simple and powerful offering to rapidly meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements, while decreasing complexity and increasing detection.

Whether the need is around modernizing an anti-money laundering program, achieving more reliable sanctions screening, improving payments/transaction monitoring, highlighting settlement exposure, or automating suspicious activity reporting, Bottomline offers a modular approach that will reduce the cost of compliance while increasing accuracy and productivity.

  • Stay ahead of regulations and protocols through simple and intuitive technology infused with deep risk and compliance expertise
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing user interactions
  • Utilize advanced analytics including machine learning and behavioral and peer profiling
  • Rapidly deploy a simple and streamlined solution without a lot of implementation requirements

User Behavior Analytics

Bottomline’s User Behavior Analytics solution quickly identifies and stops anomalous user activity through intelligent machine learning, rules based detection, and years of experience protecting some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world. The solution captures all user behavior in real-time across all vital systems and provides protection for both external threats in which user credentials have been compromised and internal threats from authorized users. Powered by an analytics engine, statistical profiling of users and peer groups, alert correlation that includes predictive risk scoring and the ability to visually replay all user activity, the solution is purpose built for today’s threat landscape.


  • Detects internal fraud, employee account takeover, and data leakage
  • Monitors network security in real-time
  • Captures a detailed user behavior audit trail with visual replay of every screen in core business applications
  • Analytical engine with intelligent machine learning and statistical profiling of users and peer groups
  • Correlates alerts with predictive risk scores
  • Addresses compliance, risk and security use cases.
  • Ideal for employee use cases and hijacked credentials
  • Learn more about the Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform.


  • Detect suspicious activity quickly with an intelligent platform that is built on a foundation of real-time user behavior analytics and machine learning infused with the domain expertise of world-class UBA experts
  • Gain complete visibility via a record of activity of all users, including privileged IT users, with visual replay of every screen, keystroke, and flow of screens in applications accessed
  • Reduce investigation time significantly and improve effectiveness in identifying, analyzing, and documenting suspicious behavior

Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring

Monitoring, detecting and reporting money laundering can be costly, complicated, lacking in adequate detail or prone to omission. There can be a complex web of transactions on top of hidden and layered risks, requiring profiling to spot signs of suspicious activity. This also demands high attention to regulatory changes, industry trends and an anticipation of market needs. It requires vast amounts of due diligence in an ever-changing environment to reduce risk and stay compliant. Clearly it is a high stakes proposition.

Bottomline’s Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring empowers organizations to efficiently and accurately monitor financial transactions for suspicious activity, establish risk profiles, generate alerts and complete reporting to meet regulatory requirements.

The solution layers supervised and unsupervised machine learning with real-time rules-based detection and profiling. This reduces the number of false positives, allowing compliance teams to remain fully focused on the transactions most at risk.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Detect suspicious money laundering activity through real-time alerting and track activity across accounts and customers
  • Achieve higher detection rates by visualizing the relationships between individuals and groups
  • Establish risk profiles and monitor high risk customers or transactions that require additional scrutiny
  • Satisfy regulators across countries and regions through a streamlined reporting process to comply with AML / CFT regulations
  • Reduce false positives, increase operational efficiency and improve detection with machine learning strategies that leverage the most up-to-date analytical methods in the market today

Sanctions Screening

Bottomline Sanctions Screening enables you to confidently filter transactions against global/domestic sanctions and bank watch lists to ensure compliance and take appropriate blocking action. The solution matches customers and transactions against financial intelligence unit, third party, internal and any other imported watch lists (OFAC, FATF, NCCT, PEP, etc.) using advanced analytics and techniques to reduce risk and minimizing false positives.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Comprehensive protection through global sanctions lists
  • Better control by tailoring the level of precision that is required for matches to be identified and flagged
  • Detect suspicious activity across accounts and customers with real-time alerts
    – Intelligent detection of direct and indirect links between accounts and customers

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know your customer is about more than identity verification – it also requires an assessment of fraud risk in new and existing customer accounts. In fact the goal of KYC is to prevent your institution from being used, intentionally or not, for money laundering and other illegal activities. And many governmental oversight organizations require risk-based procedures and processes to monitor customer transactions and detect potential financial crimes or fraud risk.

The problem for many compliance professionals is volume – too many bad false positives means you are not effective at detection, and you won’t be able to satisfy the regulators. Plus you want to be more efficient and automate what is often a manual process of checking new customers against anti-money laundering regulations.

With Bottomline’s Know Your Customer solution, your institution will be able to efficiently verify the identities of your clients and assess potential business relationship risks through automation.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Confidently verify customer identities and establish validity
  • Understand and anticipate customer activities such as beneficial ownership, political exposure, international exposure, document requirements and expiration and more
  • Implement ongoing monitoring to protect against high risk transactions and track suspicious activity
  • Ongoing automated risk profiling, risk scoring and categorization

Enterprise Case Management (ECM)

Detecting and preventing financial crime is a complex process, requiring a cross-channel view of suspicious activity and detailed forensic investigation.

To be effective, risk identification and mitigation requires tight team work and collaboration. But relying on numerous systems is complicated, and lack of integration means they typically don’t communicate well with another. In fact, this approach can leave organizations prone to error by relying on manual processes.

Bottomline’s Enterprise Case Management allows compliance and front office teams to conduct detailed investigations, proactively and effectively manage the compliance workflow, and improve the customer journey.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Concentrate on analysis and reviewing alerts rather than manually collecting and processing data
  • Adopt a risk-based approach through streamlined and fully customizable workflows according to your requirements, saving time and effort
  • Reduce manual burdens through automated reporting of Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to financial and law intelligence agencies and regulators
  • Respond quicker to threats as they emerge with powerful analytics and dashboards

Bottomline Secure Payments for Commercial Banking

With payment fraud at unprecedented levels, protecting your financial institution is more important than ever. With all of the interaction points that must be supported for customers, having a continuous risk assessment solution that looks across channels and payment types to protect your revenue and your reputation, is critical.

Bottomline’s Secure Payments for Commercial Banking solution provides real-time cross-channel protection for a variety of payment types. Leveraging intelligent machine learning, predictive analytics and rich visualization and forensic tools, this market-proven solution reduces your institutions risk profile and increases the efficiency of your staff. Used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world, it is pre-integrated with Bottomline’s market leading payments and cash management platforms for quick activati

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • True cross-channel protection across customer engagement channels and systems
  • Quickly detects suspicious activity through real-time behavioral monitoring of all user types
  • Uses intelligent machine learning, rules based detection, and behavior profiling for deep layered security that reduces fraud risk and decreases false positives while also highlighting the most important alerts
  • Prevents payment fraud immediately through transaction blocking options
  • Speeds investigative activity through search and replay capabilities
  • Rapid activation via pre-integration with Bottomline’s payments and cash management solutions

The Solution in Action

A leading private bank was struggling using multiple systems for KYC, including screening PEPs, sanctions and risk scoring. The compliance team was using excel spreadsheets for identifying suspicious activity relating to money laundering, and using an old watchlist filter for sanctions screening payments.

The relationship with front office was fragmented, and they were spending excessive time dealing with compliance alerts.

The bank was facing increasing regulatory and competitive pressures and risked losing high-net worth customers to rival banks. The bank asked Bottomline to help implement a KYC, AML Transaction Monitoring and Sanctions Screening to:

  • Replace the incumbent and implement an end-to-end KYC and AML process
  • Automate KYC screening and reduce the manual use of spreadsheets
  • Introduce robust controls around account and transaction activity
  • Automate filing of SARS to the authorities

Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud & Risk Management Compliance solution helped reduce risk by implementing a system that would profile accounts and transactions and generate alerts based on the banks internal criteria. Manual processes were automated, saving 90% of time spent on remediation and significantly improving how front office and compliance teams worked.

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