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Document Management System


Work smart with automated software

The e-SMART ISO quality control system software runs on Microsoft’s Web Base (Web Base) in “Electronic Work Flow” and “Email” formats, reducing errors in standard operations. Easily and accurately search for documents.

SHE Management

Safety, Health and Environment Control

SHE is a software solution developed to increase the efficiency of companies in terms of safety, health and environmental management. The software supports ISO standard 14001, OHSAS/ TIS 18001 and also works as a tool to increase the efficiency of Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting.

Enterprise Integration

Magic xpa

Rapid Cross-Platform Development

Magic xpa Application Platform is a code-free, visual development and deployment environment for the quick creation of enterprise-grade mobile, web and desktop apps.

Magic xpa lets you leverage the same business logic to develop once and deploy across platforms. You can create a portfolio of high performance business apps with a single skill set and minimal resources. .

Magic xpi

Your Friendly, Right-Sized Integration Platform

With an increasing number of integration projects on your plate, IT needs an easy and cost-effective solution to successfully execute, maintain and modify them. Magic xpi is your answer.

Our code-free, visual approach and unrivalled connectivity makes integration fast and trouble-free.


Modernize your core applications

Transform your essential core systems’ old-fashioned, inflexible, screen-based programs into modern web interfaces and high-value business services rapidly-without touching your existing code with webMethods ApplinX.

Cyber Fraud & Risk Management


Cyber Fraud and Risk Management

Tightly coupled monolithic architecture impedes business agility & hinders digital transformation.

Our broad range of connectors extract strong-type metadata from any core systems.


Paygilant Frictionless Mobile Payments Fraud Prevention

Cyber Fraud and Risk Management : The solution for Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring, Know Your Customer, Sanctions Screening and Enterprise Case Management.

Staying compliant has never been harder. Most financial institutions and corporations are under pressure to remain compliant with fewer resources.


Breach and Attack Simulation Made Simple

It’s become way too complicated to check how exposed you are to cyber threats. Every day brings new threats to avoid, new solutions to buy and deploy, new technologies to learn and new skills to acquire. Even after all that hard work—when you believe you’re fully protected-new, more sophisticated threats suddenly emerge.


Identify and Eliminate Insider Threats

ObserveIT provides organizations with “eyes on the endpoint” to continuously monitor data for signs of misuse. ObserveIT reviews all actions taken by users on an organization’s systems to protect data and reduce risk. Organizations can also anonymize captured data to protect privacy.


Server Access Log Management

It’s no secret that cyber crime is a major problem for all types of organizations. Bad actors are relentless in their attempts to steal and abuse trade secrets, business development plans, marketing strategies, client and employee data, and other sensitive information.



TOPIA analyzes, prioritizes and protects third-party apps against threats and attacks. Manage your organization’s security cycle from start to finish and protect more, faster by focusing on the threats that matter most.

Massive Data Analytics Acceleration


Transforming Financial Data Analytics

Few industries handle such a large volume and variety of data as finance. New financial regulations like Basel IV have introduced new data sources and increasingly complex metrics. Siloed data, combined with large data volumes and time-consuming data preparation results in reduced interactivity and restrictively slow analytics.