Magic XPA

Rapid Cross-Platform Development

Magic© XPA Application Platform

Magic xpa Application Platform is a code-free, visual development and deployment environment for the quick creation of enterprise-grade mobile, web and desktop apps.

Magic xpa lets you leverage the same business logic to develop once and deploy across platforms. You can create a portfolio of high performance business apps with a single skill set and minimal resources.

By allowing you to develop, maintain and update apps quickly and cost-effectively, Magic supports your digital transformation and enterprise mobility strategies, making it easy for you to give your business a competitive edge.

Flexible, Powerful and Proven

Magic’s powerful application platform gives you the flexibility to create apps to match the business processes you need. And UX features, such as our Run-time Form Designer which enables end users to customize screens and forms without coding or developer intervention, maximize end user adoption.

Join thousands of enterprises and ISVs around the globe who are already using Magic xpa to create powerful
multi- channel business apps, including:

  • Mobile workforce apps for sales and field service staff
  • Mobile audit apps
  • Full-feature ERP, POS and Supply Chain Management systems
  • Comprehensive employee and partner portals
  • Apps that display and process data from backend IT systems in combination with Magic xpi Integration Platform

Benefits for Developers, IT and Business Managers

  • Highly Productive: Code-free drag and drop studio. Mobile preview pane. Pre-set mobile development mode. Pre-defined and reusable elements and components let users concentrate on creating the best business logic rather than on technical complexities.
  • Low TCO: Multi-channel development platform. Oneskill set for all popular operating systems and deployment modes. Minimum deployment and maintenance efforts.
  • Time-to-Market: Pre-built components. Mobile development mode. Centralized business logic allows updates and changes to be automatically propagated to all devices.
  • Flexible: Develop once, deploy anywhere (Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, cloud, on-premises).

    switch client devices as market or business requirements change. Scale up quickly without changing your app.

  • Minimum Risk: Metadata-driven product with fully- tested pre-written code. Evolving product that adapts to accommodate new technologies and changing markets.

Powering Successful Business Apps

Key features include:

  • Ease of Use: Code-free, event-driven application development studio with Visual Studio-based Form Designer. Drag and drop business process orchestration. Pre-defined elements and components shorten development cycles.
  • Rich Enterprise Mobile Functionalities and UX: Offline support. Native mobile application clients for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile smartphones and tablets. Hybrid/ HTML5 support.
  • Agile: Develop once and deploy across mobile, Web/ HTML5, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), SaaS, and client/server. Full .NET compatibility. Multi-platform server support: Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i. Cloud-ready architecture.
  • Enterprise-Grade: High-performance self-healing and scalable architecture based on IMDG messaging infrastructure. Secured protocols and sessions. Authentication and encryption. N-Tier Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support.
  • Big Data/Fast Data Ready: Apps can use the IMDG database, enabling handling of extremely large transaction loads. Streaming data from backend databases to the space provides superior performance.

The Magic Advantage

Magic xpa Application Platform is part of Magic’s End-to- End Enterprise Mobility Solution, which includes Magic xpi Integration Platform, Magic Mobile Device Management and Magic Mobile Professional Services, providing a holistic solution for enterprises that want a cost-effective solution to provide secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps for customers, partners and employees.

When you choose Magic, you also gain:

  • 30 years of enterprise application development and integration experience.
  • Rich professional services expertise.
  • Global customer support organization.
  • Extensive partner network and developer community.
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with mobility and enterprise software vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,, Samsung, SAP, SugarCRM and more.
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