Patch Management

TOPIA is the former name of vRx.

Patch-Less Vulnerability Management

vRx analyzes, prioritizes and protects third-party apps against threats and attacks. Manage your organization’s security cycle from start to finish and protect more, faster by focusing on the threats that matter most.


vRx’s Zero-Day Analysis™ tool uses predictive analysis to track malware activity and predict incoming attacks. Now you can rest easy knowing you’ll never get caught off-guard.


xTags™ help prioritize threats using contextual scoring, like prioritization parameters, access authority and activity status in order to determine the risk level of every application and asset in your organization.


Never think twice about deploying a patch again. vRx’S proprietary Patchless Protection™ tool secures threats swiftly and safely by deploying a protective force-field around high-risk, vulnerable apps.


Detect CVES and binary level threats

vRx is the first all-in-one vulnerability management solution with the ability to analyze proprietary and niche applications for vulnerabilities without official CVES, providing you with the full threat landscape you need. Its real-time analysis engine identifies CVE and O-day threats by continuously analyzing third-party software applications.

App Auto Recognition

vRx’s Auto App Recognition tool detects installed apps across organizational assets and creates a software inventory of their most recent versions.

App Threat Analysis

vRx’s App Threat Analysis tool runs a binary analysis of all third-party apps to detect common vulnerabilities, including zero-day and CVE threats.

Asset Threat Analysis

vRx’s Asset Threat Analysis tool analyzes active and non-active assets within your organization determine their overall exploitation and risk-level.


Focus on the threats that matter most

An innovative prioritization engine combines the organizational infrastructure context landscape with thousands of data points and 0-days to accurately pinpoint any outstanding risk. vRx’s prioritization combines threats such as well-known vulnerabilities and 0-days with our proprietary xTags™ mechanisms, creating a clear-cut picture of the immediate risk as a result of both threat and exploitation.


vRx’s xTags™ prioritize all detected threats based their severity using contextual scoring, identifying the most critical threats your organization faces first.

App & Asset Risk Scoring

vRx ranks the risk and severity of each app and asset in your dde unour organization based on their level of threat and exploitation.

Prioritization Mapping

vRx maps the prioritization of all vulnerabilities found during analysis and identifies the biggest risks facing your organization’s security.


Protect organizational assets swiftly

For each risk it analyzes, vRx provides a list of recommended actions to eliminate it and enable you to stay safe and resilient no matter what risk you are confronting, by patching In cases where there is no patch, or you do not wish to upgrade, TOPIA Patchless Protection™ will protect you without any downtime or reboot.

Recommended Action Engine

vRx’s Recommended Action Engine provides real-time suggestions for detected vulnerabilities, allowing you to take quick action and mitigate business risk.

Real-Time Patch Management

vRx’s Real-Time Patch Management gives you the power to close patching gaps on a moment’s notice with quick and easy patch deployment.

Patchless Protection™

vRx’s Patchless Protection™ tool secures high-risk apps rapidly and blocks incoming exploitation attempts using proprietary in-memory protection.

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