Modernize complex monolithic systems

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Ung Hock Poh


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Modernize complex monolithic systems with a set of scalable microservices and API integration
Legacy and on-prem systems & applications
Tightly coupled monolithic architecture impedes business agility & hinders digital transformation.
SDK project creation
De-couple fine-grained business objects from complex legacy applications with no legacy coding.
Digital services rollout
The microservices architecture accelerates delivery of granular services to many different devices and channels, (e.g. CRM, BPM, web, mobile, cloud).
Plug & play connectors for rapid integration

Our broad range of connectors extract strong-type metadata from any core systems.
We have connectors for:

  • Environments
  • Applications
  • Middleware/Web Services
  • Databases/Stored Procedures
  • Design Time Parsers
  • Industry specific, eg. Hogan, Finastra
One-click deployment of micro-services applications
Using built-in templates and wizards, connect directly with the legacy or on-prem system and automatically extend back-end systems as independent and scalable microservices.

faster API creation


lower total cost of ownership


better API performance

About OpenLegacy
OpenLegacy accelerates delivery of innovative digital services from legacy systems in days or weeks versus months. Our microservices- based API integration and management software reduces manual effort by automating API creation, simplifies the process by avoiding layers of complexity, and improves staff efficiency and API performance. Our software directly accesses and extends business logic to web, mobile or cloud innovations in the form of Java objects, REST APIs or SOAP. Most importantly, this process is not only fast, easy and secure, but also does not require special staff skills or changes to existing systems or architecture. Together, business and IT teams can quickly, easily and securely meet consumer, partner or employee demands for digital services without altering or replacing core systems. Learn why leading companies choose OpenLegacy at

The OpenLegacy IDE, which is based on a Java framework, provides unlimited flexibility by rapidly creating digital services (APIs) for legacy and on-prem systems, decoupling monolithic applications into lightweight microservices and providing API management tools for the run-time environment.

Our Differentiators
Agility via Microservice Architecture
Decouple your monolithic legacy and on-prem systems using open standards and automated processes to create individual APIs.
Security & Unit Testing
OAuth 2.0 limits the access to critical resources, reduces risk & keeps cybercrooks away from any unauthorized APIs interactions.
Data Reciprocity
API connectors enable automatic extraction of strong-type metadata from any core system to create a standard & normalized Java API for a wide variety of purposes.
Single Entry Point for Third Parties
Orchestrate data from multiple legacy or on-prem systems into single web or mobile applications, REST APIs or SOA web services.
Management & Analytics Capabilities
Complete tool-set enables you to aggregate logs from all the microservices, perform analytics & manage API configuration.
Flexible Deployment Options
Create global APIs once, and re-use as needed by any Java developer for any digital service or channel.