Simplify management

of privileged access

Privileged access management is now a critical issue for companies to address. iDoperation automates everything from granting of proper privileged access to problem detection to achieve a safer, more secure and efficient IT operation environment.
Easy visualization
and management
Automated password changes
and account checks
Streamlined workflow
Strict control of privileged access
Automated collection and
inspection of access logs
Video recording of desktop screens
Manage : It can visualize privileges, privileged IDs and privileged users
iDoperation captures privileged IDs from a management target system (hereinafter referred to as the target) and visualizes privileged IDs in the organization. The administrator can visualize privileged IDs, privileged users and privileged access usage rights by registering privileged users and setting permissions. iDoperation also automates administrator tasks such as periodic password changes and account matching. Administrators can understand management status simply by checking the outcomes of password changes or account inspection.
Grant : It can grant privileged access temporarily based on approval
iDoperation can manage the status of requests and approvals for the granting and revoking of privileged access. Privileged users apply by indicating the period of use, purpose of use, work content, and privileged identity as part of the iDoperation workflow.The approver verifies and approves or disapproves the request. iDoperation, upon approval, grants privileged access to a user for an approved period. Privileged users automatically log in to the server using privileged IDs granted from iDoperation Client.Passwords are concealed by iDoperation Client.
Inspect : It can collect access logs from the target and inspect them
iDoperation collects agentless direct access logs from the targ et, matches the collected access logs with the application information, and defines unrequested access as unautho rized access. Administrators can detect unauthorized access by simply reviewing the inspection report. iDoperation also records privileged user operation in video. Administrators can narrow down unauthorized access from privileged access inspection reports and check actions visually in video.
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