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The e-SMART ISO quality control system software runs on Microsoft’s Web Base (Web Base) in “Electronic Work Flow” and “email” formats, thus reducing errors in standard operations. It allows easy and accurate search of documents to increase user incentives. It also enables organizations to maintain ISO certification and expand the scope of obtaining certification.

The e-SMART ISO system includes the following modules:

Roles and Rights

Document Control

Document Record

Management Review

Internal Audit

Action Management

Customer Satisfaction

Training Record

Calibration & Maintenance

QMS Risks

Specification & Non-Conformities

The e-SMART ISO system is continuously being further developed to ensure users can continue to maintain their quality standards and enjoy easy implementation procedures.

Key Features

Document control, document recording, and other modules reduce document retrieval time, storage space, and paper use in the office.

Board Rooms

The executives gain more time since all relevant information is forwarded to them via email. Moreover, they are able to themselves, reducing retrieval process queuing time.

Quality Control Personnel

Employees benefit from extra space created by replacing the conventional filing system with the system’s storage system.


The internal audit module enables the user to create an annual auditing plan and automatically share it with the relevant parties. It also allows them to search for relevant documents during an audit.

Corrective Action Requests

Helps the relevant department to issue and follow up a CAR during the process and alerts the person-in-charge prior to CAR follow up.

Help Desk

Effective internal process management and control assists the company to promote customer service excellence.

Meeting Rooms

Management review module helps coordination by representatives from different departments by distributing appointments, memorandums, meeting request, and distribution to the participants via the networking system.

Module Functionality
Roles and Rights
  • Set standards for applications such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 etc.
  • Branches can be customized according to organization suitability
  • Customized department/units as appropriate for the organization
  • Types of documents can be specified, such as Work Instruction, Form, Procedure etc.
  • Can assign job position to existing jobs of the organization
  • Can set user groups to facilitate the announcement of new document releases as appropriate for the organization
  • Can manually route flow of documents or workflow
  • Can assign rights & roles of each level of users
  • Can specify the documents to be used, such as document prefix, document ending, document number, or document retention period.
  • Custom message or message can be specified in email notification as appropriate for each document process
  • Can set access rights to documents. Add privileges to users, departments, or documents.
  • Can set who have access to the system, including access level.
  • Approval and reject status can be checked or Adjusting the operating procedures in accordance with the organization
  • Can check workflow from Activity diagram in real time.
  • Can support more than one ISO certified system
Document Control
  • Can set the document storage life, after the cancellation
  • Can support multiple types of documents.
  • Can assign users to each type of documents
  • Can grant access to documents
  • Can specify who have right to edit documents
  • Can specify who have right to print documents
  • Can apply to use with MS office documents.
  • Can apply to use with Multimedia documents.
  • Can check document access history
  • Can send documents to the relevant parties automatically by email
  • Can browse documents easily through the browser
  • Online document search
  • Can track the status of documents online
  • Can move or separate documents that are outdated or canceled automatically upon announcement of new document releases
  • Can convert document files with .doc, .xls, .ppt format to online view via web page.
  • Can prevent access and printing of documents and download documents according to the user’s rights.
  • Can check the history of the document
  • Can check the process of the document.
  • Can set watermark on the printing document
  • A review of entire sets of document can be made
  • A cancellation of entire sets of document can be made
  • The document can be displayed to other systems
Document Records
  • Up-to-date forms can be set up as default to prevent active forms outdated
  • Documents can be saved and stored through the system without paper
  • Fast and convenient search
  • The flow of documents or workflows can be defined in quality records
  • • Access to quality inspection can be set
  • • Can record non-conform and issue CAR immediately after quality inspection
  • • Can check the expiration date of the quality inspection record.
  • • Can check the quality inspection record
Management Reviews
  • Meetings can be scheduled through the system
  • Confirmed attendance through the system.
  • Can check the list of attendees who confirm or not confirm via the system.
  • Can notify the meeting schedule
  • Meeting minutes can be recorded online
  • Tasks delegated during the meeting can be assigned via system
  • Can monitor the assigned tasks after meetings to individual assignees. The system has a notification email to follow up for tasks committed.
  • Can issue CAR immediately if a non-conform is found from the meeting.
  • Can check meetings history and relevant details such as meeting minutes, assignment
Customer Satisfaction
  • Can create unlimited number of surveys
  • Can set unlimited number of questions
  • Can set unlimited options
  • Can determine score of options
  • Survey result can be calculated immediately
  • Survey can be sent to revelant people immediately
  • Can send a group survey
  • Can check the score of each questionnaire
  • More than one approver can be assigned
  • Can lock the access right to log-in to the questionnaire
Training Record
  • Can create annual training plan
  • Can review / approve the annual training plan online
  • Can create a training plan for specific job positions
  • Can check / approve training plan according to the training agenda
  • Can record employee profile/history
  • Can record mandatory training results of employees.
  • Can check employee training history
  • Can examine each employee training course
  • Can record the training results immediately after the training.
  • Can check the training evaluation according to the criteria, assessment of each course
  • E-mail notification system prior to training.
  • Existing data can be imported into the system immediately without saving the new data
  • More than one reviewer can be assigned
Calibration & Maintenance
  • Can record and verify history of Online tools
  • Calibration/ Verification schedule can be set
  • Calibration /Verification record can be kept.
  • Tools maintenance schedule can be set
  • Prior notification can be made at the time of maintenance
  • Can record maintenance history
QMS Risks
  • Can record and verify history of Online tools
  • Calibration/ Verification schedule can be set
  • Can record and verify history of Online tools
  • Calibration/ Verification schedule can be set
  • Calibration /Verification record can be kept.
  • Tools maintenance schedule can be set
  • Prior notification can be made at the time of maintenance
  • Can record maintenance history
Specification & Non-Conformities
  • Can control specification
  • Can record product inspection results
  • Can have a notification system
  • Can record Spec and Non-conform history
  • Can determine the flow of product registration. More than one approver is allowed.
  • Can set the flow of Non-Conform form issuance
Action Management
  • Can create, correct and prevent non conformity directly from the system database
  • Can create, correct and prevent non conformity from internal audit system, management review meetings system, and quality insurance audit recording system.
  • Can approve the issuance of CAR and PAR through email.
  • Can send reminders of CAR & PAR monitoring schedule by email
  • Can check for status of CAR & PAR Online
  • Can control documentation of CAR & PAR through email.
  • Can retrieve CAR & PAR items fast and online.
  • Can review CAR & PAR Online
  • Can classify types of CAR & PAR Online
Internal Audit
  • Can set annual Internal quality audit plan
  • Can check status of annual audit plan
  • Can automatically schedule Internal quality audit activities
  • Can automatically report the results of internal quality audit.
  • Check the list of internal auditors to prevent the case of employees perform auditing to units under their own.
  • Check internal auditor history through the system
  • Can create custom checklist of internal audit activities
  • Can record information from internal audit immediately.
  • Can record non-conform detected immediately
  • Can view the CAR history of the internal audit.
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