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Empower your business by extending the capabilities of your SAP ERP

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Guarantee Your SAP ERP Data Integration

Assure seamless connection between SAP ERP and custom systems, legacy systems, eCommerce and more by implementing Magic’s innovative, end-to-end business integration solution

SAP Certified Connector

Magic’s ready-to-use, certified connector taps into SAP ERP’s RFC and IDoc mechanisms, giving you behind-the-scenes quick access to SAP technology

Eliminate Data Compartmentalization

Synchronize and share data across inter-company, department & IT system boundaries, exposing and exchanging SAP ERP data needed to facilitate EDI transactions

Integrated Business View

Provide management and the entire organization a fuller view of their business with SAP integration, enabling better planning and agility to handle changing needs

Quickly Get Up to Speed with Magic’s SpeedStart Package

Integrate SAP ERP and Salesforce CRM in just days with Magic xpi’s out-of-the-box SpeedStart package. The pre-built template gives you a headstart with integrating common SAP and Salesforce scenarios, including customers, contact, sales orders, quotes and invoices.

Delivering Fast and Cost-Effective Integration for SAP

For SAP ERP owners, fast, cost-effective integration is now a practical reality with Magic xpi Integration Platform. Designed to provide integration on-time and on-budget, Magic xpi automates data flows and updates in real-time.

SAP ERP and non-SAP Integration

If you’re operating SAP ERP and other business applications like SAP Business One, Sugar CRM, Salesforce CRM, Oracle JD Edwards and IBM, Magic xpi SAP integration is your key to squeezing more revenue from your existing investments.

Magic code-free integration platforms can connect SAP to an endless combination of endpoints

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Take Your SAP ERP System Further with Integration

Integrating your SAP system and your other business applications, including CRM, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), e-Commerce, and legacy systems, lets you create efficient automated workflows and synchronize data. Find out more in Magic’s white paper, which addresses:

  • What are some possible integration scenarios?
  • What are the business challenges of integration?
  • What are you integration options?

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Get It Right Salesforce and SAP Integration

Fight for your rights to get it right. Don’t be tempted to go with point-to-point integration. You’ll soon realize that it’s pointless. We’ll show you how to integrate Salesforce and SAP with a time-tested integration solution to maximize your investment, reduce errors, and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Find out if you’re ready for the challenge of getting the most out of your Salesforce and SAP integration.

  • Do you know that point-to-point integration will put a drain on your team and your resources?
  • Do you want a better way to integrate Salesforce and SAP?
  • Do you want to hear about how other companies successfully integrated the two systems?

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